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Woodland Hills structure fire - marijuana Butane Hash Oil lab | Raw footage

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Saturday October 28, 2017 
Woodland Hills >> A Fiery Stove Explosion at a house caused Arson investigators to call it a crime scene | Hash oil Lab

Fire trucks line the back streets behind Topanga Canyon Blvd at 5306 N. Don Pio Dr in Woodland Hills, Ca after a emergency 911 call came from one of the locals. An explosion was reported to 911 operators at 7:23 pm Saturday October 28 by a neighbor of the location , Officials said. 

Apparently, inside the house, the tweeters didn’t have a clue how to cook the Honey oil residues concentrated from the Butane process after the oil was produced . They tried to heat it over the stove and it exploded. 

Los Angeles Firefighters arrived on a single-family dwelling to find all occupants had escaped the flames. Flames were all along the north side of the structure and extended to the rear of the home’s attic. 

Firefighters climbed the roof of the residence at 5306 N Don Pio Drive to battle the flames from above and cut holes into the roof to ventilate the smoke and flammable fumes. 

Firefighters talking loudly on scene to one another as they were overheard talking about the honey oil lab inside the homeowner’s kitchen as being the possible cause for the explosion. 

Los Angeles Police Officers covered the address incase there would be any criminal arrests made from the house at 5306 N Don Pio Dr if the investigators decided they had a criminal cause into a prosecutable case under meth, drugs, Marijuana manufacturing labs, meth labs, or growing marijuana without proper permits. 
There’s not immediate criminal arrests at the moment and police said this matter is being referred to Arson detectives for further ongoing investigations into the cause of the fire and no criminal charges are being brought at the present time. This case remains open and under LAPD and LAFD Arson investigation. 

No further comments were stated. 

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