Monday, September 11, 2017

Woodland Hills man arrested for D.U.I. Traffic 1 injured | Raw Footage

One Los Angeles resident was arrested for suspected d.u.i. tonight after he crashed into the rear of a white BMW on Topanga Cyn. Blvd. outside of Westfield Promenade at the Village .

March 18, 2017 8:20P.M. 6300 Block Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Story and Photo Credit: Mike Amiri / a Tv News Stringer for Baddboyfilms News

Two 21 year old men in a white bmw were involved in a serious D.U.I. traffic collision tonight . One of the men injured was the passenger of the white BMW which was slammed into from the rear by the drunken male in his late 60s, Police said.

 Topanga police placed the suspect in handcuffs and read him his rights then arrested him for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The suspect openly told police he had just about 6 beers less than one hour ago and he wasn't drunk. He said he drank some rum and coke before that but he felt fine to drive. 

The suspect stumbled back to the police car on the video shown by camera operator Mike Amiri , a Tv News special for Baddboyfilms News who was on scene of this horrific accident which involved Police arresting a man and one 21 year old man hospitalized with head injuries. 

The driver of the BMW was reported with no serious injuries and was able to walk away from the car crash. Bother driver and passenger of the BMW are residence of Oxnard, CA. and both identities of the men wished their names be withheld.

Raw Footage:
Baddboyfilms News

BREAKING NEWS: 21 y.o. hospitalized, Bmw car Accident 

Both vehicles were said to be traveling in the same direction when the drunk driver in the rear car, rear ended the 21 year old driver in the white BMW which sent his 21-year-old passenger to the hospital with blunt force head injuries, Police said. 

After the paramedics left the scene to take the passenger to the hospital, the driver waived his right to be examined by paramedics. Then later, the LAPD advised him to be examined by Los Angele City Fire Department Paramedics and they returned to the scene to re-examin the driver of the white Bmw for the first time. He stated he was fine. No apparent injuries were sustained by the driver of the bmw and the L.A.F.D. Truck E72 vacated the scene. 

Los Angeles Fire Truck E72 responded back to the location to re-exam the driver of the BMW for any injuries and none were apparent at that time said the Fire Department. 

OPG Howard Sommer’s Towing was on scene and towed the cars to their storage yard. 

Los Angeles Fire Truck E72 responded, R.A. E72, LAPD Topanga Police Station, BADDBOYFILMS NEWS on scene |  Raw Footage. 


Raw Footage: 
WEST HILLS NEWS, BMW , 2 Men Fatal Vanowen St.